Nail your performance review and make 2018 your year.

Gearing up for your big performance review? Athletes wouldn’t step foot on the field for a game without practicing and warming up first, so why should you?

Before your review, schedule a prep session with one of our Pros -- expert coaches and HR professionals -- and set yourself up for success. In a 45-minute phone call, you’ll have a chance to structure your personal goals, get feedback on your self-evaluation, and prepare for the tough questions.

Manage a team? It’s even more important that you’re ready to lead a productive conversation. On your Bravely call, you’ll have a chance to prepare to give feedback in a way that helps your team grow and succeed.

All performance review prep sessions are free for the month of January.

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Bravely is a next-generation resource for people and teams: a platform that connects employees with expert conflict coaches and “people” professionals called “Pros” for off-the-record phone conversations about all kinds of workplace stress.

What happens in a Performance Review Prep Session?

Align your review goals with your long-term plan

A promotion? A raise? A new set of responsibilities? We’ll help you drill down on the best approach to make that next step happen, in a way that supports your long-term plan.

Stick the landing on your self-evaluation

We’re here to help you improve how you’re framing your self-evaluation to make sure you best represent your accomplishments and where you’re looking to grow

Warm up for the tough questions

We’ll challenge you to think through the tough questions you might get and be ready to tackle any curveballs you might not expect

Give yourself a leg up with well-structured feedback

Have some feedback you want to give to your boss, about her or about the company? We’ll help you shape it so it lands the right way

The proof is you.
Bravely helps give you the confidence and skills for better conversations at work.
“I got a promotion and a raise! My boss was really affirming and said he wished it could be more. Thanks again for your great help and advice.”
— Melissa

We call them Pros. You'll call them Partners.

First and foremost, our expert network of Pros serve as a sounding board when you’re in need. They’re coaches and “People” professionals who approach these sessions as a first step—preparing you for tough conversations with bosses, colleagues, team leaders or HR.

Direct experience as HR business partners and professional coaches at blue-chip organizations
Qualified with relevant certifications from the ICF, SHRM and other leading national institutions
Thoroughly screened and vetted through third-party verification tools, reference checks and a proprietary interview process
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Easy to schedule. Easy to open up.
Secure Activation
You privately create your account and log in to a secure web app to describe your need and desired outcome.
Intelligent matching
We’ve selected Pros who have deep experience across industries and teams of all shapes and sizes, so you’re matched with the expert that’s right for you.
Convenient scheduling
You can schedule phone calls on your own time for the same day or week, helping them address issues in real-time as they come up.
Live sessions
Via phone, our Pros offer neutral guidance using an interests-based approach, helping employees identify root causes and evaluate their options.
Better conversations
Following your session, you can use your new skills to tackle tough conversations and workplace stress more proactively, constructively and confidently!
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