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Bravely connects people to on-demand confidential coaching in the moments that define the employee experience. Our coaching fosters well-being and development to supercharge performance and help you thrive at work.

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How Bravely works

  • Session experience Coaching session experience

    A Bravely session is a 45-minute voice call between a Bravely Pro (coach) and an employee. Based in our Momentum Method, employees will walk away from with greater empathy, a new perspective, and an action plan.

  • Just in time Just in time learning and support

    Bravely’s coaching works because it’s available in the moments that matter, helping people address situations in real time, resulting in real-world skill building and application.

  • Certified coaches Certified coaches for expert support and development

    Bravely Pros are ICF certified professional coaches, seasoned HR business partners, and corporate ombuds with advanced degrees and years of experience across organizations and industries.